5 Base Ways to Cook Vegetables Everyday

Getting ready greens will at all times demand some additional time and care. Nevertheless, lately we’re all making an attempt to get extra greens into our day by day lives. Figuring out extra normal methods to cook dinner them solely works in our favor.

The transformation from uncooked to cooked by no means ceases to encourage and when you be taught the general cooking processes, you’ll be able to sort out any vegetable like a professional. Beneath is only a begin of the way you’ll be able to experiment with greens however hopefully this encourage extra vegetable cooking in your kitchen.


Blanching is a fast cooking course of that includes submerging greens in boiling water for a brief time period. This course of helps greens lose that excessive crispy chew that may be an excessive amount of for some meals. Blanching works nice for objects like asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower however will also be nice for greens.


To blanch, carry a pot of salted water to a boil with a bowl of ice water close by. Drop in your prepped greens and allow them to cook dinner for just a few minutes. The timing will depend upon the heartiness of what you’re cooking. Spinach will take round 30 seconds whereas broccoli might be minutes. You need them to nonetheless be brilliant, colourful, and crisp however not crunchy. Pressure the greens and switch to the ice bathtub.

use blanched greens

I like to make use of blanched greens for vegetable muffins, stir fries, or if I plan on pan-frying the greens after blanching. Getting blanching beneath your fingers can be an excellent factor to have in your pocket if you happen to ever plan on freezing greens (which helps seal in shade, taste, and vitamins.)

Instance makes use of blanched greens:

Broccoli Melts
Broccoli Pesto Pasta
Garlicky Yogurt Inexperienced Beans



One among my favourite methods to cook dinner tougher greens like squash is by tossing them in oil and salt and popping them in a 425˚F oven. Allow them to roast beneath excessive warmth for 30, 40, 50 minutes – I by no means actually set a timer I simply test them sometimes with a fork to check for softness and a few good coloring.

use roasted greens

Roasting greens is a good way to lock in taste and have a little bit of char-flavor to the objects. Roasted greens are good as a aspect however I like including them to all types of meals together with pizza toppings, tacos, pasta, and salads.

Instance makes use of roasted greens:

Candy Chili Roasted Candy Potato Spring Rolls
Roasted Tomato Sauce
Einkorn Risotto with Roasted Asparagus
Chili Roasted Broccoli

Chile Roasted Broccoli | Cooking Component | Naturally Ella



I typically occasions overlook about this feature when I’m getting ready greens. Once I take into consideration cooking a candy potato or a tough winter squash, I generally get mentally cornered into pondering that turning on the oven is the one method to get the job achieved.

Steaming takes a fraction of the time, and is less complicated to scrub up as a result of there isn’t any greasy oil or crusty little bit of veg caught to the pan. I extremely suggest choosing up a steaming basket. This makes steaming a bit simpler as a result of you’ll be able to raise the greens out on the finish of steaming.

steam greens

For steaming, all of the greens needs to be roughly the identical measurement, to cook dinner evenly. Place about 1” of water within the backside of a pot. This water shouldn’t contact the steaming basket, although. Deliver that water to a boil, add your greens, flip the warmth to a simmer, cowl, and cook dinner till the greens are just-tender. The greens needs to be brilliant in shade nonetheless (just like blanching).

Take away the steaming basket and run the greens till chilly water to cease the cooking course of then season as desired! Steamed greens do nicely when completed with fat like olive oil, do-it-yourself aioli, or different varieties of wealthy sauces.

use steamed greens

Steamed greens make for nice aspect dishes. I additionally like to make use of steaming if I plan on pureeing one thing right into a sauce or soup. You would additionally use as a filling for enchiladas, frittatas, or grain bowls.

Instance makes use of steamed greens:

Carrot Baked Barley Risotto (requires roasting however might use steamed carrots)
Candy Potato Pasta (requires roasting however might use steamed candy potato cubes)
Candy Potato Mac and Cheese (requires boiling however might use steamed candy potatoes)


I was intimidated by the time period sauté – I believed you have been solely doing it proper if you happen to managed to toss the meals out of your pan up into the air and again into the pan once more with a sleek but extremely sturdy wrist motion (fortunately that’s not so).

sauté greens

Sauté merely means to fry one thing rapidly in somewhat sizzling fats. Minimize your greens into evenly sized items, warmth a pan with some oil or ghee, and toss within the greens. Coat them within the sizzling fats, and let the magic of fats and warmth work wonders. Shoot for even coloring and frequent stirring till every thing is tender and ideally caramelized or tastefully browned.

use sauteéd greens

Sautéed greens work nicely if you happen to’re already making a meal on the stove-top. Tacos, grain bowls, and egg skillets are all nice methods to make use of sautéed greens.

Instance makes use of sauteéd greens:

Pan Fried Turnips
White Beans and Potatoes in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Inexperienced Bean Stir Fry
Vegetable Lo Mein


This isn’t essentially a ‘cooking methodology’ however the fermentation nerd aspect of me can’t overlook the convenience and enjoyable of fast pickling greens. There isn’t any canning required, just a few vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices if you want. There are lots of completely different variations on pickling, which may be discovered together with directions right here.

use fast pickles

Pickled Carrots | http://naturallyella.com


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